Attention Seniors! The Application Process is Not Over!

Congratulations, High School Senior! You have made it through the application process!

As each college and university deadline approached, your singular focus was getting the applications submitted. Completing the Common Applications. Completing the Coalition Application. Completing applications for schools that had their own.

Then seeking out and sending all the counselor and teacher recommendations.

And then the essays…All. Those. Essays.

But you did it – you got it all done – kudos!

Uh, however…

The process is not over just quite yet. There are things to do and things to keep in mind between now and when the acceptance letters start coming in.

Remember to…

  1. Review each application portal to ensure all the required documentation is in and uploaded for each admissions office to review.
  2. Check each portal for the FASFA and the CSS Profile to ensure they are complete. You do not want to miss out on financial aid!
  3. If the college or university has a “required interview,” you will want to schedule these ASAP to review the application.
  4. Keep your grades up! Do not drop the ball now! You have come so far in this process!
  5. If there are changes to the courses in your spring schedule, you will want to update the application portals to make the admissions offices aware.
  6. Keep all admissions offices updated on any other changes.

Acceptance letters will be here before you know it – hang in there!

Image by Christian Dorn from Pixabay