Cynthia Wagner

College Planner & Co-Founder

Cynthia became passionate about college planning when she was going through the process with her son. She hired a college planning company so her son could find his “best fit” college.  They guided him into developing a list of colleges to apply to that matched his goals and needs, and helped craft applications and essays that got him accepted to most of his “reach” and “target” schools.

After seeing how her son was set up for success and how both his and her life were forever changed for the better, Cynthia made a career change from marketing and public relations to college planning, and joined the company she hired as a college planner. After almost 5 years of helping students and their families, both local and across the nation, she left that college planning company and is now independent.

Cynthia has learned that the college planning process for the student and the parent is very intense and emotional.  She and her team are focused on the college JOURNEY!

Cynthia is proud to be a member of:

  • National Charity League – Burbank Chapter
  • National Academy Foundation – Burbank High School, Board Member
  • Rotary Club of Burbank Noon, Interact Club Adviser for Burbank High School, District 5280 Interact Adviser
  • North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce – Member
  • Burbank Chamber of Commerce – Member