Karrie A. Sullivan, M.Ed.

College Counselor & Co-Founder

Karrie has been a professional in the Higher Education and Secondary Education industries for over 20 years. Within Secondary Education, she has held positions at Independent/Private Schools and with the State of Massachusetts Secondary Education Division.  She specializes in both undergraduate & graduate university admissions, as well as college counseling, accessibility for students with learning challenges and financial aid.

Karrie has held several admissions leadership positions in both the university and secondary education levels. Karrie held the position of Director of College Counseling/Guidance and College Enrichment for nine years at a Catholic Independent high school located in Fairfield County.  She then moved into the role of Coordinator/Lead for Academic Advising at Sacred Heart University for the Isabelle Farrington College of Education, located in Fairfield County.

In addition, her experience within Higher Education has guided her to work for Curry College, Dean College, and the State of Massachusetts-Division of Higher Education.