Karrie has joined IECA

College Help Squad is happy to announce that our college counselor & co-founder, Karrie A. Sullivan, M.Ed., is now a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association.

To be a professional member of IECA, a counselor must meet these requirements:

  • Three years of experience in educational placement counseling or admissions, including a minimum of one year of independent educational consulting.
  • A master’s degree or higher in a relevant field, or a combination of training and experience that demonstrates a mastery of the profession.
  • Minimum number of students advised (during the previous five years) on school, college, or program admission. Either:
    a) 35 students advised in private practice; OR
    b) 50 students advised: a minimum of 10 students advised in private practice; the balance personally advised as a counselor or admission professional.
  • A minimum number of evaluative campus visits during the previous five years within each specialty area (only specialties you choose for yourself apply): Boarding/Day Schools: 25 visits; College: 50 visits; Graduate & Professional School: no visit requirement; LD Schools/Programs: 25 visits; Therapeutic Programs:* 50 visits.
  • Three professional references.

To learn more about the IECA, visit their website. To learn more abut Karrie, read her bio here.