For students who have learning disabilities and receive support from their high school, it’s important to find a college that will be equipped and willing to help them achieve success.

When a student or their parents need more support and help, please remember we are here to help.  We want to be part of the solution to help transition students from high school to college. 

We’re Professionals and Parents Who Can Relate

College Help Squad’s founders have seen first-hand how amazing it is when students with learning disabilities get accepted to colleges that are their best-fit and they are set-up for success.

We work well with high school counseling teams and complement the services they provide their students, especially those needing services for learning disabilities.

“Each student is unique in his or her learning process. It is important to find not only the schools which offers their major of interest, but to also seek out the schools which offer the right academic support for students’ success.

I know the challenges parents experience with a student who needs academic services, having a son who has an IEP and needs to have his services to achieve academic success.”


Karrie Sullivan, M.Ed.

College Counselor & Co-Founder

“I am a parent who went through the IEP process with both my kids. Not all public school districts are the same, and my family was fortunate to be in a great one that served my kids’ needs very well. I was also a student with a learning disability.

Making sure our students get into colleges that support whatever needs they may have is a passion for me, driven by my experiences as a parent, and personal experience.”


Cynthia Wagner

College Planner & Co-Founder

Experienced, & Connected

Our College Counselor, Karrie, has a 20+ year career in undergraduate admissions, graduate admissions, and student services within higher education. Her experience and education will help direct students to the learning services or accommodation services they need to be successful.

Among Karrie’s professional associations, she is a member of Learning Disabilities Association of America and International Dyslexia Association.

Read more about Karrie here.

Our Scope of Services

When counseling a student with learning disabilities, this is College Help Squad’s approach and depth of services:

  • Meet with the student and parents to review services towards college process-explain the application process, requirements for consideration for admission to college/university
  • Explain application process for academic program consideration-requirements, testing, documentation, verification of challenge and supplementary materials which may need to be submitted for review of academic service
  • Review current services received through high school, outside services or special education services through 504 Plan, IEP Plan, Private School Accommodation Plan or Academic Service
  • Plan and review of the most recent academic testing
  • Discussion and Review of majors/ area of interest and review current colleges/universities that offer academic services
  • Breakdown the college list by major review admission requirements, SAT/Act required and location of interest
  • Review each of the colleges, what each offers in major, if SAT or Act are required what score range, applying for academic services for SAT or ACT on exam, academic services requirements for program consideration, and breakdown the list to 10 total colleges
  • Planning out the process towards creating a resume and Linked In account-once completed email to admissions offices and academic service programs to show interest
  • Assist in planning college visits/tours, admissions interviews, and planning interviews with service/academic service programs
  • Review application deadlines for admission to colleges and universities, review deadlines and additional information required to apply for academic service programs
  • Organize a plan for “follow up” with each college/university admissions office and academic service program towards consideration of acceptance
  • Review who will be writing recommendations required for admission application and recommendations if required for academic service program
  • Once the student has applied to colleges, maintain timeline of review of admission portal and academic service portal towards acceptances
  • Once the student has been accepted to a college, review each acceptance from Office of Admissions into Major and acceptance from Academic Services/Disability Services/Program, what services will be provided for the admissions candidate, next steps within admissions and academic service program need to be completed for deposit
  • Academic Service Programs-if required to schedule an appointment to complete “intake” for confirmation of services, provided up to date IEP, 504 Plan or Private Accommodation for most current academic services and recommended academic services towards college transition needed or encouraged
  • Assist in reviewing the “best fit” for the candidate based on major, location, internships, clubs/activities and academic service programs which not only meet the academic needs of the candidate but, provide consistent guidance as well as on going academic assistance when needed