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You’re going to learn:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on education and student mental health
  • How to create a COMPETITIVE application
  • Best college essay topics — and how to write them
  • What grade you should start planning for college
  • The skills your student needs like time-management and persuasive writing
  • The grades colleges look for
  • How many colleges you should apply to
  • SAT or ACT — when it’s a priority and when it’s not
  • What happened this year with University of California schools and how to avoid it
  • The TRUTH about financial aid
  • How to maximize MERIT aid
  • And much more, including LIVE QUESTIONS & ANSWERS!
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The college admissions process has changed significantly over the past generation. However, the past two years have shaken our educational system from top to bottom. The lingering effects of interrupted and incomplete learning have put our students at a serious disadvantage, dramatically impacting which students get accepted into which colleges.

The journey from high school to college is full of unknowns and anxiety for students and parents. With so many factors to weigh and so much information to absorb, it can be hard to make the best decisions on your own.

We can help! Learn to successfully navigate the path to college with your rising high school senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman by registering for our free webinar. You'll come away informed, prepared, and excited for the college adventure ahead.

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Your Presenter:

Cynthia is a professional college planner and co-founder of College Help Squad with seven years of experience helping students and their families locally and across the nation.

Cynthia became passionate about college planning while going through the process with her son, a recent graduate of Purdue University, and her daughter, soon to be a freshman at the University of Oregon this fall. Being part of their experiences getting into and attending college gave her valuable insight. She's been able to observe and compare the varying needs and emotional states of students pre- and post-pandemic and developed her own unique set of tips to help navigate the application process.

Listening to Cynthia, you'll find her energy and enthusiasm is intoxicating and contagious!