US News & World Report: College Enrollment Caps

US News & World Report recently published the article, “College Enrollment Caps: What to Know.” It provides a great summary of the situation experienced by students across the country: public colleges make more money from students outside of their respective states, so there is a drive to accept as many as possible, over in-state students. In an effort to maintain balance, there are enrollment caps — but this is a far-from-perfect solution and affects the overall landscape of college enrollment year-over-year. In our current post-pandemic and uncertain economic times, more families than ever are feeling the affects of these caps.

College Help Squad addresses the challenge of enrollment caps by encouraging our students to apply to a combination of in-state and out-of-state schools. Careful review and analysis of the schools helps our students strategize their list so to have the best chances for acceptance, while keeping the school options as affordable as possible.

Read the US News article here. To learn more about how we can help students best navigate enrollment caps, as well as help with all the other challenges they’ll face on their journey to college, contact us!